Mag. Beatrix Wimmer

I am Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist in Austria.

I have studied Psychology at the University of Innsbruck and Vienna; my thesis was on the topic of "Gender Specific Coping Strategies After Experiences of Traumatising Violence".

Before finishing my studies I started training in Gestalt Therapy: once introduced to Gestalt my passion for it steadily grew and keeps growing.

Since 2007 I have been a lecturer for Health Psychology at the University of Graz, Austria.

Currently I am Vice-President of OEVG (Austrian Association for Gestalt Therapy) and I hold membership in the EAGT. Within EAGT I am a member of the Ethic Committee as well as chair of the Committee for Professional Competences and Qualitative Standards.

I am instrumental in the publication of the German edition of “Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice. From Psychopathology to the Aesthetics of Contact” (Ed. Francesetti, G., Gecele, M., Roubal, J., 2013) and have published several articles: